A Rough Year


So it has been almost a year since I did a blog. It has been a good and horrible year. A few weeks after I last posted I lost my mother to brain cancer and that was the hardest thing to ever go though. Even now as I type this I get tears welling up in my eyes. I have experienced many ups and downs over they ear as I have tried to process the loss and get my head on strait.

One thing that I have been feeling is that I have been missing a purpose  or mission to my life. I mean I have my family to take care of and that is something but I know I need to be doing more. One “mission” that helps me get thought the year was the military and the number of missions that I got to go and be a part of over the last part of 2017 and early 2018. I was able to throw myself into those missions and forget and run form dealing with the death of my mom. I know it isn’t the healthiest thing to do but it is what I did.

Now I will talk about each of the missions that I did in their own posts but I want to say that I have done things and met people that have changed my life forever.

One of the things that i have been struggling with is overcoming my demons. I realized I have been going about it all wrong and it came from one of the strangest places, Dr. Strange, the movie. There is line in there phrased as “We never lose our demons, we only learn how to live above them.” and that is what i have to find out how to do for me. I cant constantly be battling them i need to be able to live my life with them there but not let them dictate my life.