Getting Going

So I have been working on getting everything going for my business and that includes getting my website up and running. I have used before and was happy with what I was able to do with it. 

Unfortunately I let my account lapse and when I restarted it my domain ( wasn't linked to my account but was showing linked on Sqaurespaces side. I have been emailing back and forth to them to try and figure it out. So far it hasn't been fixed. 

So as of now I am only going to have my blog up and going as I try to nail down some design elements and get images sorted. I am going to be starting with more of my "Fine Art" images and as I increase my product portfolio I will update that. 

As people who know me know that I love shooting many things other than products and I will be posting those images and stories here on the blog. I hope that I can keep peoples interest and create a "tribe". I love to share and help out where I can.

“The distance between where you are now and the path you think you should be on is probably smaller than you think it is”
— Chase Jarvis